Fun Card Games

Pigtail: Japanese Party Hit

This Japanese party game is guaranteed to work even if even you’ve had one Sake too many… It is suitable for any number of players.


Spread your deck out in a circle (like a pigtail) in the center of the table. Finito.

Object of the Game

The aim of the game is to turn over and play cards without matching the suit of the previous card! If the suits match, you take the whole stack. Finish the game with the least number of cards in your hand.


Every turn, turn over a card from the pigtail and place it in the center. If the suit is different than the card beneath (or it’s the first card) you’re safe! :sunglasses:

But if you followed a suit with the same suit…take the whole stack into your hand! :smiling_imp:

Extra Rule

If you have cards in your hand, you can alternatively play a card from your hand. This makes it easier to recover from a big loss. :grin:

End of Game

The person with the most cards in their hand when the pigtail ends is the LOSER :thumbsdown: