Fun Card Games

Pig Dice: How High Can You Roll!?

A super easy party game about racking up points– without going bust!


You need exactly one die, a dice cup and pen & paper.


Each player may roll the die as many times as they want to rack up points– just don’t roll a one!

  • The aim of the game is to roll as high as possible for as many times as possible and to pass off the die before rolling a one.
  • If you roll a one, you only lose the points made on this round. Point scored in previous rounds are locked in!

End of Turn

Your turn ends when you choose to stop rolling or, at the latest, when you roll a one.


Times Rolled Rolled Value Cumulative Points
1 6 6
2 5 11
3 3 14
4 5 19
5 1 0


To keep score you need a paper with a column for each player in which you record each round’s score in a new row:

Jim Brian Sally
19 0 0
0 20 11
0 0 25
0 33 0
19 53 36