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Offenbacher Bullshit

A two-dice party game for liars and risk takers.


You’ll need two dice, a dice cup and a beer coaster.

  • If you don’t want to take score with drinks, you’ll need pen & paper.

Roll Values

To read your roll, always count the higher die as the tens digit and the lower die as the ones.

The picture above shows a 53.

Rolls in Rank Order

21, 66, 55, 44, 33, 22, 11, 65, 64, 63, 62, 61, 54, 53, 53, 51, 43, 42, 41, 32, 31


Each turn, the player rolls both dice and looks at the result without showing it to the others, and then announces that number to the rest of the table, along with the current value of the cup.


After the first roll, the cup is worth one point. If I roll a 52, I would say “52, worth one”.

The “worth” indicates how many points/sips the player will lose who mistakenly calls bullshit– or gets caught in a lie. The first roll is automatically worth one.

Calling Bullshit

After a roll is announced, any player at the table may call bullshit.

  • If the bullshit caller is correct, the liar drinks as many sips as the cup is currently worth.
    • The liar rolls next.
  • If the bullshit caller is mistaken, the bullshit caller drinks as many sips as the cup is worth.
    • The mistaken bullshit caller rolls next.
  • After bullshit was called, the value of the cup is reset to one.

Options When Rolling

When rolling the dice, players have two options:

  1. Announce a higher number than the player before, thus raising the stakes and increasing the value of the cup by one. In this case the player passes the cup to the next player.
  2. Announce a lower number: you can play it safe and choose not to up the ante, but it will cost you one sip!

The Worst Case Scenario: 21

In Offenbacher Bullshit, it’s not only about catching opponents in a lie– it’s about knowing when to end the escalation and avoid the worst case scenario.

The highest roll is 21. If a player rolls 21, she shows the dice openly and all other players drink the current value of the cup! :)

Ending a Round

After a 21 (or whenever bullshit is called), the loser drinks the value of the cup and the cup value is reset to one.

  • After a 21, the cup is passed to the next player.
  • After a bullshit, the loser must roll (even if they just did).


Play with the probabilities… To be continued…