Fun Card Games

Garbage: A Two-Player Easy as Taking Out Trash

This easy (and fun) two-player is a good mindless accompaniment to conversation.


With a 52 card deck (plus jokers if you want some added spice), deal each player 10 cards face-down on a grid of 5x2.

  • Place the remaining cards in the center to serve as the draw pile.

Object of the Game

The aim of the game is to fill all ten positions on the grid with the appropriate numbers before your opponent can!


The starting player draws a card. If it’s between A-10, place it on the appropriate position on your grid and look at the face-down card that was holding the place.

That card can also be played if the space for its number is open on your grid. You may play as many cards in a row as you can put in the correct grid position without interruption.

Whenever you reveal a card you cannot put into position, you discard it and your turn ends.

  • Facecards are “duds” and always must be discarded, ending your turn.
  • Jokers are wild, and can be placed in any space.

End of Game

The first person to fill all ten positions with A-10 wins!