Molotov Jass Cheat Sheet


With a 36 card deck (6-A), shuffle and divide the deck equally between each player, dealing out in groups of three cards.


At the beginning of the game, there is no trump. The first card that cannot follow suit becomes the trump suit.

Following Suit

If you have the suit that has been played, you must 1) follow suit or 2) play a trump. You have the option to play a trump even if you could follow suit.


Think backwards: in molotov, you aim for the fewest points possible.

Trick Points

Cards by Trick Rank Point Value
Trump Jack/Unter ("Bur") 20
Trump Nine ("Nell") 14
Ace 11
King 4
Queen/Ober 3
Jack/Unter 2
Ten 10
Nine 0
Eight 0
Seven 0
Six 0
-Making the last trick- 5
SUM 157


Molotov Points Description Example
Small 20 Three-in-a-row suited 7-8-9 suited
Large 50 Four-in-a-row suited 9-10-J/U-Q/O suited

Overall Points