Rummy Card Game


Rummy Card Game

Playing the rummy card game is a great way to pass the time with some of your closest friends.

It is a very easy game to learn, but before you can get started there are a few things I need to explain.

Begin by dealing each player 10 cards if it’s two players, and 7 cards if its 3 or more players.  Put the remaining cards in the center of the table face down, and flip over the top card.

Each person should put their cards in order where each suit is arranged from lowest card to highest.  Don’t show anyone else your hand.

The person sitting to the left of the dealer goes first by either choosing a card from the top of the pile, or the card that’s facing up.

The goal is to get groups of cards that are either 3 or 4 of a kind.  Another option is to get straights of the same suit.

The player that just went can keep the card they chose, but they will need to discard one before the next player gets to go.

Once a group of 3 cards of the same suit are placed in order, or if a player has 3 of a kind these cards can then be melded.  To do this place the cards on the table in front of you face up.

The other players can then play off of these cards if they have one that is the same suit, and is the next card in order.

If someone decides to play off the cards another player melded then they want to put the card(s) that were played in front of themselves.  There is no need to put a card you played in front of another player.

You are going to need to have these cards in front of you for the last part of the game.

The game is over when a player has melded all of their cards and is able to put their last card in the discard pile.

The objective of the game is to gain the most points.  Add up the card values in the meld piles in front of each player.  Number cards are worth 5 points, face cards are worth 10 points, and aces are worth 15 points.

Any remaining cards in a player’s hand are subtracted from their score.  Write down each person’s points as you continue playing.

This is a fun game for any age level.  When you and your friends are first learning rummy card game I recommend starting by playing an open hand.

Each player puts their cards out in front of themselves for everyone else to see.  This makes it easy for everyone to see what’s going on, and to catch any mistakes someone might make.

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