Bridge Card Game

Bridge Card Game

It can be very fun to play bridge card game.  But before you can play there are a few rules to learn.

This game requires exactly 4 players.  There are two teams where each player sits across from their teammate.

With one deck each player is dealt 13 cards.  They then want to sort their hand by rank and by suit.

Aces are worth 4 points, Kings are worth 3, Queens are 2 points, and Jacks are 1 point.  Clubs are lowest value, then Hearts, Then Diamonds, then Spades.  Point values are only used for bidding.

The object of the game is to make “Tricks.”  Everyone plays one card from the same suit, and the player with the highest card wins the trick.

If a player doesn’t have any cards from the suit being played they can then play a card from the “Trump Suit.”  To determine the Trump Suit, or not to Trump the two teams compete.

Taking turns either playing a card or passing, a round of bidding is gone through.    Cards are placed on the table by each player.

Place the number of cards of the suit you like to tell your teammate the number of trumps you think you can take, beyond 6.

If a member of team A places one spade card, they are telling their partner they think they can take 7 trumps.

If their partner places a spades card, they are saying they also like spades.  A player that puts a different suit down is saying they like that suit better.

After two players have placed cards of the same suit down they have made their choice.

The team that has the highest card laid down has won the bid and gets to decide if they want to play with at Trump suit or No Trump.

The final score is determined by rewards or penalties comparing trick bids to tricks actually won.

Now that you know how to play bridge card game it’s time for you and your friends to get started.

Even though this card game seems to have more rules than some of the others, it is a very easy game to play once you know how.

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